I’ve been thinking about this topic for seven years (2013–20), and so a great many people and much listening and reading has influenced it. I wish I’d kept a list from the start, but it was some years before I appreciated that this was all forming into a book (if that’s what this is). So this list of those to whom I know I’m especially grateful can’t be complete. But everyone on it has helped and influenced me, often in ways of which they’re unaware (some may wish they hadn’t). My sincere thanks to them all.

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Ananay Aguilar

Tom Armstrong

Sara Ascenso

Amy Blier-Carruthers

Irene Auerbach

Joe Bolger

Katherine Bond

Monia Brizzi

Julie Brown

Anna Bull

Alison Bullock

Mandy Burvill

Anna Maria Busse Berger

Holly Champion

Eric Clarke

Nicholas Cook

Louise Cournarie

Zoran Cvetkovic

Mine Doğantan-Dack

Abigail Dolan

David Dolan

Chris Dromey

Stephen Emmerson

Marco Fatichenti

Lukas Fierz

Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras

Helena Gaunt

Leo Geyer

Diana Gilchrist

Malcolm Gillies

Karen Glen

Andrew Hallifax

Matthew Head

Helen Hogh

Kristine Healy

Juniper Hill

Katherine Howells

Mary Hunter

Mirjam James

Shelley Katz

Maiko Kawabata

Roses Leech-Wilkinson

Katherine Liley

Ji Liu

Natasha Loges

Ella Marchment

Raluca Matei

Raffaello Moretti

Nick Morgan

Lina Navickaité-Martinelli

Marten Noorduin

Tanja Orning

Pelagia Pais

Mathilde Pavis

Emily Payne

Vanessa Pope

Helen Prior

Rosalind Rei

John Rink

Christina Scharff

Katherine Schofield

Anna Scott

László Stachó

Martin Stokes

Richard Taruskin

Chris Terepin

Georgia Volioti

Fatima Volkoviskii

Laura Wahlfors

Sara Wilén

Frances Wilson

Karen Wise

And I thank the many people who have invited me to speak at their festivals, conferences and institutions over the years, together with those I’ve met there who’ve been happy to discuss these themes.


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