Challenging Performance: The Book. 23 Examples

23 Examples from

The Challenging Performance website began in 2016—before I had any thought of writing an online book here—as a place to collect and present the alternative performances of canonical scores on which I’d been working with friends and research students for several years. I’d like to use this chapter to highlight and discuss some of the examples you’ll find elsewhere on the site—mainly under ‘Interviews and Recordings’, and ‘Dido & Belinda’—as well as some contributed by other musicians (see ch. 23.4). Please do offer more!

I begin, though, in Chapter 23.1 with the Beethoven ‘Moonlight’ and Schubert ‘Erlkönig’ examples mentioned several times already in the book, because they were the first examples we tried out in practice after I’d been thinking for some time about the implications of early recordings for current performance, and because they remain among the most strikingly innovative and thought-provoking.

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