Challenging Performance: The Book. 22.1b Work terminology

22.1b A note on work terminology

English can be so confusing… Here’s some clarification from the Oxford English Dictionary, and some possible equivalents from other languages.


Chapter 6 (e.g.), the Work:

Work, noun, II.16.a., ‘A literary or musical composition, esp. as considered in relation to its author or composer.’

Fr. l’oeuvre; Ger. das Werk; It. l’opera; Sp. la obra


Chapter 22.1, making music work:

Work, verb, I.4.b., intransitive, ‘To … be effective or successful.’

Fr. marcher; Ger. funktionieren; It. funzionare; Sp. funcionar


Chapter 22.4, the work that music does:

Work, noun, I.11.b, ‘Without connotation of purpose or intention: the effect, consequence, or result of the action of a person or the operation of a thing, agent, etc.’

Fr. le travail; Ger. die Leistung; It. il lavoro; Sp. el trabajo

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